[Efficacy of small molecular peptides of yak bone]_Benefit_Prerequisite

鑰楃墰楠ㄥ皬鍒嗗瓙鑲藉浜庡緢澶氫汉锛岃€岃█锛屽叾瀹炴槸姣旇緝闄岀敓鐨勶紝浣嗘槸杩欑鐗╄川纭繕鏈夐潪甯镐赴瀵岀殑钀ュ吇鍔熸晥銆備笉鍙惁璁ょ殑鏄€楃墰楠ㄥ皬鍒嗗瓙鑲藉湪涓村簥涓婄殑搴旂敤涔熸槸闈炲父骞挎硾鐨勶紝瀵逛簬涓€浜涚硸灏跨梾鎮h€呰€岃█锛岃€楃墰楠ㄥ皬鍒嗗瓙鑲界殑浣滅敤鍔熸晥鏇寸敋The Yoshiki Banner makes use of the chains to make up for flaws in the chain, and it’s a good idea.鐗︾墰楠ㄥ皬鍒嗗瓙鑲解€斺€旇儼宀涚粏鑳炵殑瀹堟姢鑰呴殢鐫€绉戠爺浜哄憳涓嶆柇娣卞叆鐮旂┒鍙戠幇锛岀墻鐗涢灏忓垎瀛愯偨涓嶅悓浜庤嵂鐗╀綔鐢ㄦ満鍒讹紝瀹冭兘澶熺洿鎺ヤ綔鐢ㄤ簬尾缁嗚優锛屽埡婵€缁嗚優澧炴畺銆佽瀵肩粏鑳炲啀鐢熴€侀樆姝㈣儼宀涚粏鑳炲噵浜★紝浠庤€屽姩鎬佽皟鑺偽茬粏鑳炴暟閲忥紱鍦ㄨ绯栨按骞充綆鏃剁墻鐗涢灏忓垎瀛愯偨涓嶄細璇卞鑳板矝绱犲垎娉岀‘淇濆彂鎸ュ姛鑳界殑鍚屾椂涓嶄細澧炲姞Are you hungry?.覤 滤 渗 ︾ 坛 Nan ㄥ 璬 闗 瓙 Inlaid by 帲 浠 樉 撅 撷 誷 諷?STZ-璇卞鐨勭硸灏跨梾灏忛紶琛€绯栵紝骞跺彲浣垮叾绯栬€愰噺鑳藉姏鏄捐憲澧炲己锛屼笖瀵圭硸灏跨梾灏忛紶鐨勪綋閲嶉檷浣庢湁涓€瀹氱殑鎶戝埗浣滅敤銆備笖鑳板矝绱犳湰韬氨鏄敱51涓皑鍩洪吀閾炬墍缁勬垚鑲Introduce the wall and the wall, you will be able to tell the difference between you and you, if you want to check it out, you will be able to see if it ‘s a good idea.ц偨闈炲父鎺ヨ繎锛屾病鏈変换浣曞壇浣滅敤銆傚洜姝わ紝鐗︾墰楠ㄥ皬鍒嗗瓙鑲戒綔涓虹硸灏跨梾鍓嶆湡鑰呫€佺硸灏跨梾浜烘垨鑰呯硸灏跨梾骞跺彂鐥囨偅鑰呮棩甯歌ˉ鍏呭墏锛屽彲浠ュ鍔犱綋鍔涳紝鍔犻€熷櫒瀹樹慨澶嶏紝鍗忓姪鑳板矝缁嗚優鍒嗘硨鑳板矝绱狅紝杈呭姪璋冭妭琛€绯栫殑鍔熸晥銆?.A lot of things are going on here: what are you going to do? Do you want to know how to do it? Do you want to go to the top of the list?€惧悜銆佺缇ょ瓑锛屼互鍙婂彲鏀瑰彉鐨勫嵄闄╁洜绱犵殑鏁扮洰鍜屼弗閲嶇▼搴︼紝濡傞ギ椋熴€佺幆澧冦€佺硸鑰愰噺寮傚父鎴栧悎骞剁┖鑵硅绯栧彈鎹熺瓑銆?

[Can babies drink Tremella soup]_Baby_Can you drink

[Can babies drink Tremella soup]_Baby_Can you drink

During the baby’s physical development, dietary issues often need attention.

Milk should be the main food during infancy, and other foods should be used as complementary foods.

Tremella soup is a dessert with a sweet taste, which is loved by many people.

But the baby should pay attention to drinking soup, if it is not easy to digest soup, they can not drink.

So the baby’s diet is very important. Can the baby drink Tremella?

1. Can babies drink Tremella soup? Although Tremella is rich in nutrition, mothers should pay attention. Do not give babies too large Tremella, especially for children under one year of age.It is difficult for a baby to swallow and digest.

If your baby grows to 5 or 6 months old, you can add a small amount of Tremella soup after adding complementary food.

Especially when the baby has an indicator of anger, you can stew some white fungus soup for the baby, but be sure to tear the white fungus and cook until it is cooked.

Tremella has a good effect on the treatment of lung cough, so if your baby has a dry and dry cough, it can be eaten.

When cooking, it will also make the white fungus rotten, add rock sugar, and feed the baby 3-4 times a day.

Second, the benefits of eating white fungus to promote baby’s bone development: Tremella is rich in vitamin D, which can prevent calcium loss, prevent baby’s hypocalcemia, promote baby’s bone development, and has great potential for baby’s growth and development.

But we must know that although the fungus is rich in nutrition, it can eliminate the weak babies and eat it carefully. The edible babies eat tremella soup is very good.

Third, the common problems of babies do not ignore the nutritional value of milk, at the same time can no longer use milk as the main food source.

With the increase of the baby’s month age, the ability to eat becomes stronger and stronger, the amount of breast milk replaced is less and less, and the amount of meals implanted gradually increases. This is the process that the baby must go through.

It doesn’t matter that the 11-month-old baby does not eat solid food. The mother should not worry, let the baby adapt slowly.

Do n’t be afraid to feed your baby solid food just because you ‘ve tried it. Try more for your baby.

[Difference between small purple sweet potato and big purple sweet potato]_Difference_Different

[Difference between small purple sweet potato and big purple sweet potato]_Difference_Different

Purple potatoes also have small purple potatoes and large purple potatoes. In fact, there is no difference in the taste of the two. The small purple potatoes are relatively round. If they are cooked separately, it will be more suitable.It is more convenient for making desserts.

Small purple potatoes and large purple potatoes are just different in size, taste and taste are the same, so friends can buy according to their needs.

How to choose purple potatoes 1. Don’t pick round ones, but long ones. It is better to choose spindle-shaped purple potatoes.

2. The surface should be smooth, and the skin with dark spots should be avoided.

Rotten purple sweet potatoes are poisonous.

3. It doesn’t smell musty. The moldy purple potato contains ketotoxin and is not edible.

4, do not buy purple potatoes with black or brown spots on the skin.

5. Although sprouted purple potatoes are not as toxic as potatoes, they have a poor taste, so try not to pick them.

Big purple sweet potato and small purple sweet potato are different. The size of purple sweet potato is different.

But purple potatoes are not divided into large purple potatoes or small purple potatoes.

Purple potato varieties are mainly divided into two types: edible and processed; among them, processed purple potatoes are mainly used in factory production, and the taste is not as good as that of edible.

The size of processed purple potatoes is equivalent to two sizes of edible purple potatoes.

According to reports, processed purple sweet potatoes are mainly used to produce purple sweet potato puree, flour, dices and other raw materials.

For reasons of cost and processing conditions, processed purple sweet potato varieties are relatively bulky and have no edible sweetness. Pectin and honey are added during processing to increase sweetness.

Experts suggest that when buying purple potatoes, people choose the best weight between 150-250 grams; if you are still not sure, you can look at the color of the fruit, the purple purple inside the edible purple potato and the dark purple in the processing type.

How to eat purple sweet potato 1. Purple sweet potato cake material: purple sweet potato, flour, sugar, milk, black sesame.

Method: After washing the purple potatoes, cut into pieces and steam them, and make them into mashed purple potatoes; add flour, sugar, and milk; shape them into a cake, bake in the oven for 15 minutes, and finally add black sesame to bakeServe in 1 minute.

2. Purple potato and red bean porridge materials: purple potato, red beans, pumpkin, brown sugar.

Method: After washing the purple potatoes, cut into pieces, soak the red beans in advance, add water to the pot, pour purple potatoes and red beans, cook for 40 minutes, and finally add brown sugar to season.

Is purple potato germinated? Can it be eaten after it has sprouted? It is the same as potatoes and cannot be eaten after sprouting.

The content of starch in purple potatoes is relatively high. Enzymes that degrade starch are produced during germination, and toxins are produced during degradation.

Purple potatoes cannot be eaten after germination. It is the same as potatoes. After being germinated, they cannot be eaten. Nutrients are also transferred to the purple potatoes around the shoots., Loses the sweet taste, but also has a little smell of raw sweet potato leaves, not suitable for consumption.

2. Purple potatoes, like potatoes, produce toxins during the germination process, and the germinated purple potato tubers are easily moldy and rot. At this time, the purple potato tubers will contain a lot of vitamins and toxins.Poisoning is prone to occur later, abdominal pain and diarrhea in mild cases, poisoning reactions in severe cases, causing coma and life-threatening.

Should choose some medium head, there are more delicious than medium or even smaller.

Because purple potatoes are generally not as big as other varieties of sweet potatoes, if there are very large purple potatoes, they are likely to be produced by applying a lot of fertilizer, and the taste is not good.

The size of the potato is too small, which means that the purple potato has a poor planting environment or a small amount of fertilizer, and it has not reached the optimal consumption period. This taste is also not good.

Luoyang Molybdenum (603993) Annual Report Comments: Falling Cobalt Price Affects Stable Operation of Overseas Assets

Luoyang Molybdenum (603993) Annual Report Comments: Falling Cobalt Price Affects Stable Operation of Overseas Assets

Net profit attributable to mother 46.

3.6 billion, an increase of 69 in ten years.

94% On March 28, the company released its 2018 annual report.

A total of 259 operating income was reported for emerging companies.

6.3 billion, an annual increase of 7.

52%; net profit attributable to mother 46.

3.6 billion, an increase of 69 in ten years.

94%, EPS is 0.

215 yuan.

Single-quarter revenue in the fourth quarter of 2018 was 58.

79 trillion, down 8 a year.

72%; net profit attributable to mothers4.

99 ‰, a year of decline of 55.


Due to the break in the price of cobalt in the fourth quarter of 2018, the company’s performance was 杭州夜网论坛 lower than our expectations.

The company’s overseas mineral projects operate stably. We predict that the company’s EPS will be zero in 19-21.

20, 0.

22, 0.

23 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

In 18 years, the average price of tungsten, molybdenum and cobalt increased, and the decline in cobalt prices in the fourth quarter affected profits. It is said that data from Asian Metals Online showed that the average price of molybdenum concentrate in 2018 was 1,737 yuan / tonne, an increase of 41.

80%; the average price of black tungsten concentrate is 1,629 yuan / ton, exceeding the growth of 18.

21%; MB cobalt is $ 37 / lb, an increase of 35 compared to the same period last year.

55%; the average price of halogen copper is US $ 6,526 / ton, an increase of 5 per year.


In 18 years, the company’s main metal products, copper, cobalt, tungsten and molybdenum market prices rose, the company’s 18 years of revenue and profits increased, the profit situation has improved.

Since the second half of 2018, the cobalt price has continued to decline. According to wind data, the MB cobalt price was US $ 27 / lb by the end of 18, a decrease of 22 in the early 18th.

85%, we believe that the decline in cobalt prices is the initial growth of earnings in the fourth quarter.

Overseas mining asset operations are stable, and the output of major products meets expectations. It is said that the 18-year annual report and the 18-year Congo (Gold) TFM copper-cobalt ore cobalt metal output.

87 cobalt, copper metal production 16.

83 anion; phosphate fertilizer (high concentration + low concentration) 111.

63 cobalt, ≤ metal production 0.

Initial 90; sellable copper metal output of NPM copper-gold mine calculated at 80% equity3.

19 Initially, gold production was constant at 25324.

Domestic Molybdenum Production

54 Cobalt and tungsten production1.

17 initial.

The company’s 18-year TFM copper-cobalt copper and cobalt metal production are in line with expectations. The production of other projects at other overseas mines is mostly in accordance with the plan; most of the company’s projects are in the mature stage. We expect overseas mineral output to remain stable in 19-21.

Financial expenses have been reduced and improved, and production costs have been effectively controlled. It is said that the company’s 18-year sales expenses were zero in its 18-year report.9.6 billion, a previous decrease of 54.

93%; financial expenses 6.

43 trillion, a year of 54 reduction.

62%, mainly due to the increase in interest income and foreign exchange gains over the same period in 17

It is said that the 18-year annual report, the company’s tungsten and molybdenum products in the 18-year unit cash costs were 2 respectively.

19 and 6.

At 45 million / ton, the C1 cash cost of the TFM copper-cobalt mine is -0.

At 31 USD / lb, the cost level is relatively high and stable.

Profit growth, maintaining the company’s “overweight” rating Cobalt prices continued to decline in the second half of 18, we expect cobalt prices to be low in 19-21, appropriately reduce the company’s profit forecast.

The company’s operating income is expected to be 200 in 19-21.


26, 219.

350,000 yuan, 43 net profit attributable to the parent company.

51, 46.

58, 48.

The net profit reductions of 6.2 billion and 19-20 were 19% and 14%, corresponding to 23, 22, and 21 times the corresponding PE.

With reference to the estimated level of companies in the same industry (average 26 times PE in 19 years), companies are given 25-27 times PE in 19 years, corresponding to the division interval 5.


40 yuan (was 4).


56 yuan).

Maintain the “overweight” rating.

Risk warning: prices of metals such as copper, cobalt, tungsten and molybdenum fall; mining costs 武汉夜生活网 rise; output of mineral products is less than expected.

[Can you eat chocolate during lactation]_Chocolate_Breastfeeding_Can you eat

[Can you eat chocolate during lactation]_Chocolate_Breastfeeding_Can you eat

Some breastfeeding mothers need to make arrangements for their diet, because their diet has a great impact on the quality of milk.

Breastfeeding mothers can consume chocolate in moderation, but it should not be consumed too much, otherwise the milk will become a high content of food.

Can I eat chocolate during lactation?

Chocolate can be eaten during breastfeeding, but be sure to pay attention to the right amount.

If a lactating mother eats too much chocolate, the chocolate will enter the baby through milk.

As a high-content food, chocolate has a low protein content and a high trace content, and the nutritional ratio does not meet the needs of the baby’s growth and development.

In addition, chocolate contains substances that excite the nervous system, which is enough to make it difficult for babies to fall asleep and cry.


Eating too much chocolate during lactation will not only affect the baby’s body, but also affect the mother’s normal diet, causing the body to gain weight.

Due to the high content of chocolate, my aunt ‘s excessive consumption of chocolate before meals will produce a feeling of fullness, which will affect my appetite, but I will feel hungry soon after meals. This will disrupt the normal life rules and eating habits and affect my mother.And baby’s health.


However, eating a moderate amount of chocolate during lactation is not harmful. As for the amount, it depends on each woman’s body system and baby’s age.

If the mother wants to eat especially, occasionally a small piece is fine.

But pay attention to oral hygiene, brush your teeth immediately after eating to prevent broken teeth.

Mothers with high blood sugar or diabetes are advised not to eat, but to eat dark chocolate, less sugar.

[How long can I take medicine after drinking mung bean soup]_Notes_Contraindications

[How long can I take medicine after drinking mung bean soup]_Notes_Contraindications

When the summer is approaching, mung bean soup is a must-have summer drink for people. There is a saying in the folk that mung bean soup cannot be drunk during Chinese medicine. In fact, mung bean itself has no antidote, but it can detoxify, and there are a lot of drugsA small amount of toxins, plus mung bean has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and is convenient for urination. It may have a reaction with the drug.

Mung bean itself is Chinese medicine?

Mung bean is cool and has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. It is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine.

We know that the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine is usually made of a combination of multi-flavor drugs, and it is rarely a single taste. Since mung bean is a traditional Chinese medicine, it is possible to combine it with other drugs.

Since it can be used together, there is no antidote.

Mung beans have some formula taboo?

We know that any drug has certain indications and contraindications. Due to the coldness of mung beans, it is often used to clear summer heat and relieve heat.

However, it may not be suitable for those with deficient spleen and stomach, and physically deficient, such as chronic chronic inflammation, joint pain, numbness, unfavorable movement, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea, etc. Consumption of mung beans can aggravate the disease, therefore,Patients should fast green beans while taking Chinese medicine.

Whether taking mung bean while taking Chinese medicine is related to the medicinal properties of Chinese medicine. Taking Chinese herbal medicine such as Coptis chinensis, Scutellaria baicalensis, Cork, Daqingye, Banlangen, Bezoar, Honeysuckle, Gypsum, etc. At the same time, taking mung beans can increase the drugCurative effect.

However, when taking ginseng, astragalus, cinnamon, aconite, clove, galangal and other isotonic supplements, and cinnamon sticks, dried ginger, asarum and other Chinese herbal medicines such as cold and cold, consumption of mung beans can reduce the efficacy and affect the treatment effect.

Can mung bean cure certain drugs?

It should be said that the antidote of mung bean is for some traditional Chinese medicines, just as the booster and antihypertensive drugs in western medicine cannot be applied at the same time.

Their effects are interrelated and cannot be taken together. From this perspective, booster drugs are the antidote for antihypertensive drugs, but if you think that booster drugs are the antidote for all drugs, it is appropriate.
Therefore, it is not correct to simply use the word antidote to summarize mung beans.

The principle of mung bean “antidote” is that it reacts with alkaloids in other Chinese medicines, and precipitation occurs, making the drug ineffective.

In western medicine, there are also drugs that are equivalent to mung beans. For example, medoca, a drug used to treat Parkinson’s disease, can cause metal chelation reactions with plant proteins in mung beans, reducing the effect of drugs. Therefore, patients taking medoca should notAt the same time, mung bean soup should be consumed after 1-2 hours to prevent mung beans from reacting with the drug and reduce the effect of medoca.

After 1-2 hours after taking the medicine, it is okay to drink mung bean soup at this time, since Medopa has been absorbed.

In addition, the above problems may also occur when mung beans are used in combination with zinc, calcium, Xiaoshierkang, Gaizhonggai, and zinc calcium gluconate oral solution.

[Can I lose weight by eating sorghum rice]_Sorghum rice_Slimming_How to eat

[Can I lose weight by eating sorghum rice]_Sorghum rice_Slimming_How to eat

Sorghum rice is one of the very common grains in the north. Sorghum rice is rich in cellulose and has a role in promoting digestion in the body.

If female friends use sorghum rice, there is a certain weight loss effect, but the specific diet depends on how the overall diet is arranged.

Micro-alias of sorghum rice: Miscanthus sorghum, sorghum, millet, peach millet, mimosa, clogs, millet, panyu, sorghum transformation: 351 kcal (100 g) classification: grain evaluation: high fiber contentGrain, a type of coarse grains, is recommended as a coarse grain with fine grains during weight loss.

Sorghum rice cake materials: 600 grams of sorghum rice, 300 grams of red bean paste, 150 grams of white sugar.

Method: Wash the sorghum rice, pour an appropriate amount of water, steam it in a cage, and set aside.

Take 2 porcelain plates, add half of the sorghum rice to the plate, and flatten it by hand. Press the remaining pieces of sorghum rice into two or three centimeter thick pieces, and add the remaining sorghum rice to another plate and press it.

Press the pressed sorghum rice on the chopping board, smooth it with a knife, and then spread the evenly thick red bean paste filling, then buckle the other half of the sorghum rice on the red bean paste filling, and then flatten with a knife. Cut it into a diamond shape with a knife when eatingPieces, put in a plate, sprinkle with sugar and serve immediately.

[Efficacy of Italian Rice and Red Beans]_Action_Nutrition Value

[Efficacy of Italian Rice and Red Beans]_Action_Nutrition Value

There are many common foods in life. The nutritional value of the food is different and it is not the same for the body. Yimi and Chixiaodou are the favorite of many women. This is also because it has a good detoxification effect and is good for weight loss.Women are a good choice, but you should also pay attention to the way of eating Yimi and Chixiaodou. There is also a difference in the effect of weight loss on different ways of eating. The following describes the efficacy of Yimi and Chixiaodou in various aspects.

Whether it is high blood pressure or edema, it is caused by too much moisture in the body.

The water cannot flow with the blood and qi, and stays between the cells of the body, causing the body to swell rapidly.

Indica has a very powerful dehumidification function, which can remove these stagnation in the human body and can also reduce swelling.

Red beans are also red beans, which also have the effect of removing dampness.

Therefore, barley red bean is the best medicine for dampness.

In a fast-paced living state for a long time, he has a lot of mental stress, heart qi deficiency, a lack of diet, less exercise, and a weak spleen.

It is necessary not only to dispel dampness, but also to replenish the heart, and to strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Mi Chi Xiaodou Jiufu lightens the body, but at the same time does not cause any burden on the spleen and stomach.

Come with a bowl in the morning and evening. The body is awesome, and you no longer have to worry about being fat and uncomfortable.

The nutritional value of indica red adzuki bean must know that the inedible red adzuki bean is two kinds of very high nutritional value ingredients.

Where does the nutritional value of barley and red bean appear?

Let’s take a look together.

Chitosan dietary protein, vitamins B1, B2 and a variety of minerals; barley is rich in nutrients and contains nutrients such as coix seed oil, coix seed fat, sterols, amino acids, arginine and other vitamins and vitamin B1, protein and other nutrients.
Indica red adzuki beans contain a certain amount of vitamin E, which has antioxidant effect and is a kind of beauty food.

Regular food can keep the skin shiny and delicate, can effectively eliminate acne, stains and improve skin tone.

The sugar water prepared by the two together contains an excessive amount of supplementary fiber, which has good laxative effects, lowers blood pressure, lowers blood lipids, regulates blood sugar, and prevents stones.

Both are still rich in vitamin B, which is very beneficial for the said beriberi and can be eaten by the general population.

[Barbecue Bibimbap Marinade]_Barbecue Bibimbap_How to Marinate Meat_Method

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[Do you want to use salt water to soak pineapples?]

[Do you want to use salt water to soak pineapples?]

Pineapples are similar to pineapples, but pineapples can be eaten without soaking them when eating.

Bromeliad also contains some acidic substances. If soaked in salt water, it will be sweeter and taste better.

It is not advisable to soak the pineapples in salt water for too long, usually about 20 minutes.

Although the pineapple is delicious, you should eat it in moderation. Do not eat pineapple on an empty stomach.

Can pears be eaten without salt water?

Pineapple is not the same as pineapple. The pineapple should be soaked in saline because it contains “pineapple enzyme” which can cause irritation when implanted in the oral mucosa. However, pineapple is very small in content. It does not cause harm to the human body when consumed directly.It is also edible.

However, if it is not troublesome, you can also soak in salt water.

How long do the pineapples soak in salt water for 15-30 minutes.

Pineapple is rich in sugar content. Continuously soaking in salt water is prone to breed bacteria. After eating, it is prone to stomach discomfort. Generally, pineapples are soaked in salt water for 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

The effect of saltwater soaking in pineapple is rich in acidic substances. Soaking the pineapple with saltwater can decompose the acidic substances in pineapple, making it sweeter and improving the taste of pineapple.

What are the benefits of eating pineapple? Anti-cancer Anti-cancer B-carotene and vitamin C in pineapple can remove free radicals and achieve anti-cancer effects. Pectin and alternative fibers in pineapple can also reduce the incidence of cancer.

Prevent osteoporosis. Citric acid and manganese in pineapple can promote calcium absorption and prevent osteoporosis.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases Proteolytic enzymes in pineapples promote blood circulation and stasis, promote blood circulation, prevent thrombosis, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

What to pay attention to when eating pineapples, should not be eaten on an empty stomach.

Pineapple is rich in acidic substances. It is easy to irritate the gastrointestinal tract and cause gastrointestinal discomfort when consumed on an empty stomach. It is recommended to consume it half an hour after a meal.

2. Not suitable for high temperature heating.

Pineapple is rich in vitamin C and is not resistant to high temperature. Heating with high temperature will reduce the nutritional value of pineapple.

3. It should not be eaten with high protein foods such as seafood, milk and eggs.

Bromeliad is rich in acidic substances, and it is easy to produce precipitation when combined with protein, among which the same food is prone to indigestion.

4. The diced peel of pineapple (black spots remaining on the surface after peeling off) is not suitable for eating, so as not to cause perception, it is recommended to cut it clean.